Put Your ‘Me Time’ Into Your List of To-Dos

The ever elusive ‘me time’ is more like a myth than reality. Many expressed the need of it. I believe some even dreamed about it. But unfortunately, only very few will ever have it. Not because it is expensive. Rather it is just simply not included into your ever long list of to-dos.

When was the last time you did something for yourself? Now, I don’t mean abandoning all of your other responsibilities. That is just irresponsible. No. When was it that you slot a ‘me-time’ into your daily schedule?

I can promise you that this is not some feel good thing that you do for one moment, and afterwards have the weight of the world back on your shoulder. Personally, I do not believe in that.

If you tell me that all you do all day is just WORK, then it also mean that you do not shower, eat, sleep, pray and do all of those ‘normal stuff’. Weird.

Is it sinking in now? If it is important to you, you will make time for it. And if you think that YOU are not important, well you have just figured out your MAIN problem.

Food for thought: What will you have left to give when your cup is empty?


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