True Happiness Comes From Within

For the most part of our lives we have been fed with the idea that happiness is the result of achieving or having something. It is a far reaching prize that you will get access to after going through a process. Just take a look at the various marketing campaigns and this will make more sense. However, more often than not, the feeling of happiness as a result of either purchasing or doing something does not last forever. It is especially so for the bigger ticket items. Yes, undeniably the initial moments of receiving them will be filled with a lot of happiness and joy but as fast as it did knocking your socks off, as fast as that too will the feeling fade away. Some say it is better to have such injections of ‘happiness’ in small dosages but at least, consistent.

So why talk about happiness in the first place?

It is undoubtedly a state that we all seek. In the end, we all want to be happy, at least most of us do. So we look far and wide for it while in reality, it starts from within. Yes, from your own self. Happiness starts from you. A classic example is that the more grateful you are for the blessings that you are given, the higher your chances are at finding true happiness. And if you keep up that sense of gratitude for even the tiniest things, you will most definitely be on the path of being a happy person.


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