Genuinely Give Value First

In a world where profits rule while excellent services and providing value have taken more of a back seat profile, it is no wonder why many companies and businesses are struggling to make profit. A classic example is of a salesperson who stops people from their walk with the intention to convert them into customers. Yes, definitely we hope that the people we come across will eventually be able to benefit from our products or services. But we need to remember that as much as we would like the world to be full of people walking around waiting to give money to whomever who asked, we know that is not the case.

They need to know what is in it for them. More importantly, they want to know how can purchasing your products or services help them solve whatever problems that they are currently having. You see, like yourself, you wouldn’t want to spend money away on something that does not provide you with some kind of value that is important to you. So do the same with other people.

Genuinely give/provide value first to others. They will more likely be interested to buy from you later or at the very least, refer someone else to you. In other words, do not chase the money. If you have to chase something, let that be providing the best value in terms of service and experience to others. And you will most likely find that you will be rewarded with not just money, but a whole lot more.


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