Anticipation Is The Name of The Game

Losers react; leaders anticipate. Ask yourself this, which one is honestly easier, reacting to a situation or anticipating the future? The general public would most likely chose the former. It is definitely easier working with something that is tangible than an idea or imaginary situation. Plus, it makes a lot of sense too. However, despite it being easier, there is a limit to always be on the reacting front. There will eventually be a point where you just can’t react because you either do not have the necessary skills or manpower or tools to combat a given situation.

That is one of the reasons why a good defence strategy is to be able to anticipate and prepare for if possible, all kinds of situation. Things will go wrong. But if you have already set up a system that allows it to be able to withstand anything that will be thrown at it, you will have a higher chance of winning the game.

So anticipate. And prepare accordingly.


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