Be Honest And Fair To Yourself

You might be going through this at the moment. Or perhaps, you have been experiencing it for some time now. That is, you simply can’t say ‘no’. The opportunity either just seems too good to let pass or not doing so will make you look less cool or perhaps saying no to the task will lose you money/relationships. Regardless, am quite sure we have those moments. But what is true is that if you do something out of that feeling of being compelled to do it instead of sincerely wanting to, you are not being honest and fair to yourself. That will in return also be felt by those who you are trying to please. Now, that’s ironic. On one hand you are trying to ‘please’ someone but in actual fact, you are actually displeasing them by giving sub par performance. So tell it like it is, if you can’t commit to the task/opportunity, say so. Trust me, it is better for everyone, at least in the long run.


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