“Never Mistake Motion For Action”

The above quote by Ernest Hemingway acts like a potent reminder that sometimes we should put the hustle and bustle to a halt, clear our head and think for a change. Most of us are wired to consistently be on the move, always doing something else we feel unproductive and a failure. But there are moments when simply thinking is a whole lot better than moving around. Life will not always turn out how we like it to and that is ok. Reacting to it by just continuously moving might probably sound a little silly to most of you right now but that’s what the majority does. Let’s remind ourselves us to embrace thinking. Better yet, let that be a norm in our existence. This mind of us, that separates us humans from animals, should not be left to collect dust. You got to use it. If a way doesn’t work, don’t keep doing it expecting it to yield you a different result. Now, that’s just foolish. Keep your aim on the prize, but always be flexible. That’s what the mind is for.


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