A Life of Abundance

The aspiration to accummulate wealth in order to create abundance in our lives is not a new concept. It has started since the early days and will most likely continue until the end of time. That said, only a handful who aspires to a life of abundance actually achieve it. And many who did not will either resign to their so-called fate or worse, blaming the entire world around them.

The following may not be the magic key to solve this ‘mystery’ of creating abundance in our lives but it could very well be a good step in the right direction.

Most of us have been brought up in this world with the idea that the world has limited resources therefore we need to either use what we have sparingly or take from others’ portions. However, if we were to just take a moment to think of the world that we are living in, of the billions of stars that are present in this universe, the countless grain of sand that fills the beaches on this earth alone, the thousands of time our hearts beat each day and many others, we might be able to challenge that idea where the world that we live in is always in scarcity.

This shift in the way we think will aid in our exploring of new opportunities and be more readily accepting of new ideas and possibilities that can eventually lead to a life of abundance.


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