Fear Of Going All In

Sometimes the thing that is stopping you from taking the leap to taking on something that could possibly change your life for the better is, to go all in. We attach a lot of fear to such a moment into our lives with sound reason of course. Imagine being educated since young that there is this just one route to take. If you were to simply follow it, you will be set for life. However, if you were to go off the straight path, you’ll most likely meet your end. And that has been ingrained into our very minds and souls to the extent that anything which resembles something different that what we have been told, will be regarded as negative. To break out of this prison in your mind require supplementing it with a different kind of environment and peers – the ones that went off the beaten path and are achieving success. Feed your mind first before attempting to change your course else you might find yourself back on the beaten path after facing with one or a few hard knocks.


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