Cherish Your Parents/Guardians Before Its Too Late

We have probably heard it numerous times – to cherish our parents. Yet, we dismiss it time and again, thinking that there is always another chance. But when that ‘chance’ finally run out, what are we left with then? It might seem hard to do, cherishing your parents, when they are alive and well, sometimes saying or doing things that does not agree with you. Sure, you can say that. You are your own person. However, you might want to look at them while they are asleep. When you look at their frown lines hardening, perhaps from worrying about you, or how their tired eye lids just look so heavy from all the work that they have done to raise you or how their heads have started to grow out tiny strands of silvery greys – it will be very hard to not have a small tug at your heart. It does not matter how many of them you are left with, just decide to be better to them from now on. If they have all pass, make sure that you do them right by not tarnishing their soul. Yes, our clocks are all ticking. But lets not wait for it to stop to then decide to be better. Choose this moment.


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