Life Is Too Short To Hold Grudges

At times, you just can’t avoid a conflict or misunderstanding or differences of opinion. That unfortunate part of life is something that will happen when it is meant to. And certainly, the result of that situation will have one of the party, or perhaps everyone involved, to harbor negative feelings. Sound familiar? Perhaps while reading this, you are experiencing it. I am not going to tell you to throw it aside and move on. But you might want to think about this. How long do you have left to live in this world? Do you even know the exact number of days and hours? Do you want to spend your unidentifiable remaining number of days to hold grudges, probably over a matter that was quite insignificant in the bigger scheme of things? Think about it. We are all in this world trying to do our best to serve, survive and live. Naturally, we might step over each other’s toes at some point, but lets not let that which divide us, separate us. Because in the end, life is too short indeed.


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