Choose To Be In The 5% And Make The Required Sacrifices

Some have said that there only 5% of the people who will achieve their dreams and successes. So that leaves the remaining 95% to wallow in self-pity or throw daggers at those who did make it. Here is the thing, you have a choice. You can choose to either be in the successful 5% or the remaining 95%. It is not that the latter has it so bad. It’s just that they are usually what reports would call, the average people. Now when the average people is the majority of the world’s population, this is where you need to take heed. If that does not explain how difficult being in the 5% is, you need to reread it again till you get it.

However, do not mistake difficulty for impossible though. Like I mentioned earlier, it is a choice. And that choice comes with sacrifices. So perhaps when you have decided to be in the 5%, the next thing you can do is to prepare yourself mentally, emotionally and physically for the sacrifices that you have to make for this awesome journey.


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