Fill Up Your Free Time Wisely

You know there are times when you have those long pockets of time that are not filled or something goes wrong, and you find yourself with a lot of time in your hands with nothing to do. What do you do then? Do you continue to do nothing and let time just fly you by just like that or do you sleep it off? What if we look at those as gifts send from above? As corny as that may sound to you, it is what it is. We sometimes hear or perhaps wonder to ourselves where can we find the time to do this or that, but when an opportunity as such come served to us on a silver platter, we dismissed it and ramble on how our plans have been severely affected and how our world is going to end. Yes, that dramatic indeed. We need to remind ourselves that those are opportunities in disguise. Do something worthwhile with it. Do not just let it pass you by without it bringing meaning to something. Remember that sometimes, you don’t get what you ask for the way you like it, but works the same.


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