Chase The Passion Not The Money

It is easy to be carried away with the promise of money at the end of the road. Who does not like money? The world pretty much runs on money. And he who has the most, supposedly has the best gig anyone can ever hoped for. Is it really the case? Often times, if you were to ask successful people, money will never be the first thing that they utter when asked about why they do what they do. More likely, they will say about the passion. And perhaps that is where in your mind you will be thinking how they are such liars. Obviously they could say that in their position, they do not have to worry about the money. They have got them. But seriously, even if you take all of their money away from them but allow them to do what they do best, they will most likely accept it. True, they will hire the best people to make sure that doesn’t happen but you get the idea. Chase the money and you will have to sell your soul but chase the passion and you will have the money and more.


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