Choose To Build Your Dream Or End Up Building Someone Else’s

It is funny how simple it is to understand the above concept but how very few of us actually do it in practise. When we were much younger, we have dreams and aspirations to change the world and make it a better place. But what happened? Most would say that we grew up and that life took over. Sounds familiar? This saying has been so overly used in the exact same words or with the similar meaning that it is accepted as fact. We let it define our life and the way things are.

Shouldn’t we perhaps wonder for a few moments why that is so? What is the thing called life that takes over the dream? How could the people that are building their dream manage to do it? Don’t they have things such as ‘life taking over’ happening to them? How are they different? Or what are they doing differently?

Perhaps finding the answers to the above questions can steer us to building our own dreams instead of someone else’s.


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