Achieving Success. Achieving Happiness.

How do you know when it is that you have achieved success? That you have made it? To each person, it will be a different answer. Perhaps it might look the same on paper, but sometimes these sort of things cannot be expressed by words. But perhaps if we talk about it on an emotional level., we might be able to say that it is when we feel the most happy. Regardless, happiness is correlated to success in many ways than one. You often see the image of success of someone who is smiling brightly and their teeth showing. That is the general picture of success. It is hard or pretty much impossible to see someone who is sulking as the picture of success. So what does happiness means to you? It is definitely subjective. Regardless, you need to know it for yourself. Else you will think that you have arrived only to realise that you are still searching for that burst of wonderful emotions in you.


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