Simplicity In This Time And Age

The need to constantly come out with new innovations and ideas to survive and compete in this congested marketplace has made many lose sight of what’s important, to the extend of overcomplicating things. On one hand, you have those who are all about being creative and ‘out there’ while on the other side, you have those that just want something that serve their need, i.e. without the fluff. It is a challenging time for businesses and creatives to honour the two sides of the spectrum. Perhaps there was a time, where the more stuff or functions you drown a product or service in, the more highly regarded it will be. But in this time and age, where people’s tolerant for bullsh*t is bordeline abysmal, it is all about how it will benefit their interest. That said, we might want to rethink our communication messages and product offering to align with that and above all, to keep it simple.


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