#SDR 1340: Do What Others Are Not Willing To Do

Take the risk. Go. You just never really know. People are usually afraid of uncertainty. So they do their best to stick to what they know for sure. If you are happy with what everyone else have, then by all means, stick to the status quo. Do not push the boundaries. Stay within the lines. But if you are one of those who want something more, believe that they deserve to make the most of their life, then your best bet is to do what others are not willing to do. If the majority chose a particular thing, avoid it. Choose something else, something that not many has chosen. Live boldly. Push the boundaries and perceived limitations, especially of the mind. Just do not get into trouble with the law of the land. You do not need that in your life.


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#SDR 1339: Do Not Confuse Assumptions With Facts

There is a difference between assumptions, assumptions based on previously known facts and actual facts. Many people unknowingly based their knowledge and to some extent, thoughts and actions based on assumptions rather than facts. What this does is that it creates false beliefs that people hold on to which essentially inhibits their growth. They stop them from moving forward with their goals and dreams. We need to remember that just because many people are holding on to that belief or if that already existed long before our time, it does not mean that it is true and set in stone. Instead find out about it. Get your hands on anything that is related to the subject matter. Do your due diligence. However do not approach it trying to prove whether the assumption is right or not. Focus on finding the truth, backed by solid evidence irregardless of the outcome. You would be far better off for it.


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#SDR 1338: Immerse Yourself In That Which You Want To Get Good At

Total immersion. That is what you might want to consider doing if you really intend to get good at something. If you have lots of free time, that is the best situation. Feel it all up with immersing yourself in that thing that you want to get good at. If you do not have much time, stop whining about it and make time. Look out for those pockets of time where you are not really doing anything. Can you perhaps sleep lesser? Can you perhaps use your commuting time to good use? Read, watch or listen to something related to the subject. Could you spend lesser time eating? Could you perhaps cut out or at least reduce your entertainment and relaxation time? We all got the same number of hours in a day. Yes, we might have different commitments and at different stage of our lives. But if you really want to get good at something, stop waiting for the ideal situation to appear before you, start making the best of what you currently have and immerse yourself in it. Get your hands on everything related to it. If it is free, all the better. Set your google alerts or twitter notifications to updates related to the subject. Attend as many related meetup groups or events as you can. You would soon find yourself getting better at the subject. In fact, dare I say any subject for that matter.


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#SDR 1337: Stop Criticising And Start Analysing

They say talk is cheap, and free. So most people say whatever they want and put their thoughts out there. Social media has created a huge and very accessible outlet for people to do just that. They criticise to their hearts content, often with incomplete information and bias coverage. While everyone should be given the right to express their thoughts and feelings, but rather than just getting things off one’s chest or to perhaps join in the conversation of the moment, would it not be more substantive if that is backed up by careful and fair analysis of the topic? Everyone has an opinion of pretty much anything. Those are usually based on what they already know or think they know of the subject matter. Rather than moving the conversation forward, focusing too much attention on merely criticising is frankly not the best use of one’s time.


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#SDR 1336: Play Big And Full Out

They say that you only got one life. And it is up to you to play big and full out. Many people will be content with playing small. That is all that they will ever do. Sure, they will also have the very big dreams that the successful few also had. But they will never be brave enough to believe that that too can be a possibility for themselves. If you want to play big, then you need to stop thinking and acting small. Increase your knowledge. Surround yourselves with people that are at higher levels than you. Listen to them. Learn from them. Observe them. Read about them. Then incorporate those lessons into your own lives. Stop giving excuses. There will be times when you do not feel like doing what you know you have to do. Do it anyway. Those who play big do not let emotions stop them from getting what they want. They are resolute in their focus. They will work harder and come back up again even after repeated setbacks. That is who you have to be if you want to play big and full out.


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#SDR 1335: Self-Doubt Is What Is Ultimately Pulling You Back

There is always that moment when you are about to do something big, something that might potentially change your life where a thought, possibly a nudge or a feeling come up inside of you and make you question your decision – “If it is right? Can you even do it? Who are you kidding? You will not succeed.” That built in defence mechanism in all of us will do everything in its power to not make you do what you have set out to do. And that is something that you have to overcome, every single time. On the bright side, the more you experience that self-doubting moment, the better you will be able at taking it up. If you want to be strategic about it, you can also figure out all the possible self-doubting questions that might arise in advance and address them all before they show themselves up at the important moment. In any case, be well aware that self-doubt is going to do its best to get you so be very prepared for it.


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#SDR 1334: Give Up Your Victim Mentality

For all those times that you have been failed by someone or something, put down, attacked, abused and used, say thank you. Because until you do that, you will always be imprisoned by those times. They will inherently stop you from moving forward with your life. You need to realise that life do not happen to you but for you. That everything that you are experiencing in your life is there for you to make your version of the best life. Do not fall into the trap of comparing your life with others. That is what will gut you every single time. Give up your victim mentality. Work hard, find opportunities everywhere you look and use everything that happens in your life to your advantage.


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